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  • CSC Monterey Electric Scooter

    CSC Monterey Electric Scooter

    Having a unique and classic design, CSC Monterey is trying hard to become the Super Cub of the future. The CSC Monterey, as many may have seen, is not an electric Honda Super Cub, but it is sure to be one of the most eye-catching…

  • NIU Electric Scooter – NQi GT

    NIU Electric Scooter – NQi GT

    NIU Electric Scooter – NQi GT is built for speed with its three unique driving modes: E-SAVE, DYNAMIC, and SPORT. It is a faster scooter with 70 km/hour as its top speed, a perfect speed for urban travel. Partnered with BOSCH, a specially tailored motor…

  • NIU Kick Scooter

    NIU Kick Scooter

    In recent years, electric scooters have become one of the personal mobility solutions preferred by users looking to move quickly through large cities. Its size, ease of handling, price, and low maintenance are just some of the arguments that have made this type of vehicle…

  • GIVE i.lektra scooter

    GIVE i.lektra scooter

    The global reality of urban mobility is changing, and electric mobility is expanding, with scooters at the forefront. As the models available in the market increase, the Greek company GIVE presents its own model, named “i.lektra”.

  • Mercedes-Benz Smart escooter

    Mercedes-Benz Smart escooter

    The luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz recently produces the eScooter, an electric scooter capable of covering a travel distance of 25 kilometers and is expected to be a flexible individual mobility solution for urban urbanites.

  • RadRunner Electric Utility Bike

    RadRunner Electric Utility Bike

    This sleek, fun, and functional e-bike which is totally rad, part cargo bike, and part moped. RadRunner Electric Utility Bike is designed to be customized with a total of 330 accessory combinations. It is also the very first e-bike or scooter to have an adjustable…

  • Kabira Hermes 75

    Kabira Hermes 75

    Kabira Mobility, one of the start-ups working on electric vehicles, is back preparing to launch its newest electric scooter. Their newest electric scooter will be named Kabira Hermes 75.

  • Kymco Ionex

    Kymco Ionex

    Ionex is an electric scooter by Kymco and was first introduced to the public in 2018 at the Tokyo Motor Show. Currently, there are two models available, New Many 110 EV and Nice 100 EV.

  • Bull-e


    New options for electric propulsion motorbike are constantly emerging. The latest one came with the name Bull-e, an electric scooter designed inspired by the bull, the result of which is overflowing with muscle.

  • Gogoro VIVA MIX

    Gogoro VIVA MIX

    Gogoro is a reasonably well-known electric scooter manufacturer in Taiwan and already has several lineups on the product page. Recently, the company launched the Viva Mix, an electric scooter with a unique and quirky design.

  • Motron Vizion

    Motron Vizion

    Motron Motorcycles is a very young brand from KSR Group. Along with various conventional two-wheelers, it is preparing to launch a new range of electric scooters and motorcycles. One product stands out from the lineup, Motron Vizion.

  • Voro Motors Wolf King

    Voro Motors Wolf King

    Voro Motors recently announced the Wolf King electric scooter, which is becoming one of the most powerful models on the market. It is an updated version of the previous Warrior model, which was also known for its power.